The following is a listing of some of the projects that I have worked on throughout the years.

Phelps Waterfowl

I designed this website for Janet Phelps. We created this design as an upgrade from her old website which was created over ten years ago. Janet uses this web site as a page for her farm business and her hobby of raising call ducks and other animals.

Date: September 2021, March 2019

Main Street UMC Abbeville

I designed this web page for Main Street United Methodist Church in February of 2021. This page was created to replace the church's old web page that was hosted by a third party company. The web page was outdated and needed some revamping, but the content was great! We worked together to create a web page the put forward the church's message while being more careful about the organization and structure of the web page as a whole.

Date: February 2021